Why I became a Nurse

Posted by Bev Collins, May 12 2020

On International Nurses Day, we spoke to some of our Nursing Team to find out what inspired them to become a nurse.

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Jo - Continence Nurse Specialist

My grandma who had breast cancer lived with me and my family. I shared a bedroom with her for nearly a year.

I watched my mum caring for her (my mum had never worked in care before) but none the less the whole family rallied round and I even remember my dad carrying her to the toilet when she was too poorly to get there alone.

We all lived like that until grandma unfortunately was so poorly, she got took into hospital. My grandma fell out of the hospital bed and had a black eye by the time we saw her, and my mum was furious that for months we had cared for her and she had never had an injury. How dare they let that happen.

Unfortunately, my grandma died shortly after this. I was still in school but years later I knew I wanted to be a nurse. To care for people to show compassion to not only the patients I cared for but also to support the families of people going through some tough times. My mum also became a care worker. I worked with the elderly for many years before going to university.

I knew it was the only job I ever wanted to do.

Bev - Clinical Nurse Lead

As long as I can remember it was all I ever wanted to be when I grew up! As a child I always wanted to be a nurse. I wanted to help the Doctors make people better. I completed a Pre-Nursing course that meant I spent two days every week on the ward at the local hospital; the hospital I was born in! I loved the caring, helping people who could not quite manage for any number of reasons.

After I qualified as a Registered General Nurse I soon realised that on every ward someone was having issues going to the toilet; either due to surgery, immobility, medications and a host of other reasons. It became clear that I could make a difference by assisting with Continence issues.

Sometimes just a small thing could make a huge difference to someone struggling. I fell in love with the world of continence. We no longer manage incontinence… we promote continence.

Sallyanne - Continence Nurse Specialist

When I was young, I wanted to be in the mounted Police force, but back in the day Policewoman were discriminated against due to height!! I didn’t reach the height banding... so that idea wasn’t a possibility.

I always loved supporting elderly family members and helping out with my grandparents and had a part time job working in a nursing home while I was doing my A levels.

This developed my passion of “helping people” and I decided after my A levels to go and train as a nurse. Which was the best decision I made. I’ve been qualified 25 years and even though it’s a tough journey with plenty of ups and downs its one fantastic career which I have loved every minute of. I feel privileged to be able to make a difference to all the patients I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

We are so proud of our amazing nursing team. They are on the front line, making a real difference every day. Today we celebrate you and all nurses who are making the world a better place at a truly unprecedented time.

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