Let's talk about bladder and bowel interactions!

Posted by Sam Crow, February 19 2019

An open dialogue about coexisting symptoms is an essential for building a foundation for better clinical outcomes and increased quality of life.

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Topics: Bowel Management, MS, TAI, Transanal Irrigation

A Solution To Bowel Management Issues with MS

Posted by Seema Duggal, February 12 2019

Kerry has Multiple Sclerosis (MS), with bowel problems among the many symptoms this condition presents. Kerry's story reveals how she took control of her bowels.

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Topics: Bowel Management, MS, TAI, Transanal Irrigation

Combining approaches to bladder and bowel dysfunction

Posted by Bev Everton, February 5 2019

The benefits of patient centred care cannot be overestimated. But engaging and recognising the stigma and embarrassment associated with bladder and bowel issues is essential – how can healthcare professional’s best serve their patients?

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Topics: Lifestyle, Bladder Management, Self-catheterisation, spina bifida, Neurogenic Bowel, Bowel Management

The importance of a good start

Posted by Bev Everton, January 30 2019

It´s February 1992 and on the PA system I hear ”Bob en piste”. I am in Albertville, France, during the olympics and for some obscure reason I ended up watching the 4-man bob-sleigh. We shall not go into detail about that story for the sake of you readers...

However, something became very clear to me when I saw these olympic athletes competing. The first thing they measured was the starting time, basically how fast they were able to run to a certain point and then get into the Bob. The top teams always had the best start times. Those who were way behind these first few seconds had no chance to win any medals. The race was not won during the first few seconds but a good start was important to stand a chance during the rest of the race.

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Topics: Lifestyle, Recovery, Bladder Management, ISC, Self-catheterisation

Six Top Tips For Managing TAI Over The Holidays

Posted by Sam Crow, December 18 2018

The holidays are a wonderful time of year but it can be a disruptive period if you are managing your bowel with Transanal Irrigation (TAI). From family visits to festive food and drink, it can prove very difficult to maintain your bowel routine, so we’ve put together these top tips to help you manage over the holidays.

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Topics: Coping Strategies, Spinal Cord Injury, Paralympics