How combined bladder and bowel care improves the health and happiness of MS patients

Posted by Helen Ledger, July 7 2020

Worse bladder symptoms often mean worse bowel symptoms. Yet they are rarely addressed together, despite the evidence for better clinical outcomes and significant improvements in quality of life.

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Select Survey Results 2020

Posted by Sam Crow, July 3 2020

Select Home Delivery Service is dedicated to making a real difference for our clients. In order to continually improve the service, we carry out an annual survey and we’re very pleased to share some of the fantastic results and feedback we have received.

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Connie and the Good Life

Posted by Helen Ledger, July 1 2020

There are solutions for almost anything, but rarely does a single solution work for everyone. We're all different with different requirements and needs, so sometimes it's necessary to search a little further for a solution that's exactly right for the individual. 

Connie is among those who developed major intestinal problems following a tumor operation on her back, but in the end found the method that brought the Good Life back to her. 66 years old, married and living with her family in a small Danish community, Connie's life has always been filled with physical activity and a fulfilling social life. She has a large circle of acquaintances and often invites family and friends to dinners.

All of these activities were put on hold in the autumn of 2015, when Connie was diagnosed with a benign tumor in her back that put pressure on the nerve paths and tissue. She underwent an operation to remove it.

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Topics: Travel, TAI, Bowel Management

Proud to catheterise

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, June 26 2020

After being told in her 30s that she would need to catheterise for the rest of her life, Serena Green felt humiliated. Now she is proud to catheterise but her journey to acceptance in the years following involved friends, family and healthcare professionals.

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Topics: Catheterisation, Women's Health, Bladder Management, ISC, Self-catheterisation, Urology

Select Home Delivery is Carbon Neutral

Posted by Sam Crow, June 5 2020

Wellspect and Select Home Delivery Service are dedicated to making a real difference, now and in the future. As part of our commitment to sustainability, Select has been certified a carbon neutral service.

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Topics: wellspect, Sustainability