Continence and incontinence

Posted by Sam Crow, September 23 2020

The words "continence" and "incontinence" sometimes cause confusion. Continue to read this blog post and find out the basics of continence and incontinence! 

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Going to the bathroom at 35,000 feet – a challenge for Michael

Posted by Sam Crow, September 17 2020

After having sustained a spinal cord injury in a diving accident, Michael Kerr needed to find a new way of managing his bladder. With an ongoing international sports career he needed a flexible solution, easy to bring on his travels all over the world.

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Topics: Travel, ISC, Self-catheterisation, All-In-One

Have catheters, will travel: Part five - Staying Cool

Posted by Serena Green, September 15 2020

Holidays... ah! Carefree, relaxing and fun! But wait! You don’t want to let a sly urinary tract infection join you for your precious vacation! Although there’s no failsafe method for avoiding them, there are some small steps you can take to help stop extra bladder visitors joining you on your holiday.

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Topics: Travelling with Catheters, Travel, Bladder Management, ISC

Is colonic irrigation the same as TAI (Transanal Irrigation)?

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, September 7 2020

The short answer? No, not at all.
Colonic irrigation is a “therapy” with little scientific evidence of any health benefits. On the other hand, TAI or transanal irrigation can be a game-changer for people looking to manage their bowel disorders and enjoy a normal life.

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Topics: TAI, Incontinence, Bowel Management, Constipation

A life without constipation

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, September 2 2020

Marija, 58, had been chronically constipated for years. Find out how she is now living a life without constipation.

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Topics: TAI, Bowel Management, Constipation