Have catheters, will travel: Part one - Before you leave home

Posted by Serena Green, August 4 2020

Although this year has presented it's own challenges to travelling abroad, many catheter users have always found that travelling with a bladder condition can be a bit tricky. We're pleased to share the first in a series of blogs by passionate traveller and Wellspect ambassador, Serena Green, that will provide advice for every step of the trip.

Blog 1 - Cover

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Connie and the Good Life

Posted by Helen Ledger, July 1 2020

There are solutions for almost anything, but rarely does a single solution work for everyone. We're all different with different requirements and needs, so sometimes it's necessary to search a little further for a solution that's exactly right for the individual. 

Connie is among those who developed major intestinal problems following a tumor operation on her back, but in the end found the method that brought the Good Life back to her. 66 years old, married and living with her family in a small Danish community, Connie's life has always been filled with physical activity and a fulfilling social life. She has a large circle of acquaintances and often invites family and friends to dinners.

All of these activities were put on hold in the autumn of 2015, when Connie was diagnosed with a benign tumor in her back that put pressure on the nerve paths and tissue. She underwent an operation to remove it.

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What a paralympian packs on the road

Posted by Mike Kerr, May 3 2018

Michael Kerr, of the Great Britain Rio Olympics rugby wheelchair team, talks about how an all-in-one catheter kit fits in with the life of a travelling athlete.

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Living an active life - what is an all-in-one kit?

Posted by Kent Revedal, April 16 2018

Kent has found the ideal catheter to use whilst travelling - offering him greater independence and control of his life. What is it and why is it needed?

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Community leader Daniel Jenkins and the benefits of an all-in-one kit

Posted by Alan Cook, March 15 2018

Daniel Jenkins needs to be out in his town every day. As a pastor, he supports his community and often makes home visits. Paralysed after an operation 12 years ago, Daniel lost sensation in his lower abdomen, including bladder control. In this post, he explains how an all-in-one catheter kit gives him peace of mind and allows him to fulfil his obligations.

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