Evie Toombes: Find a way - not an excuse!

Posted by Evie Toombes, November 19 2019

Para rider, blogger and campaigner, Evie spreads awareness of hidden disabilities as founder of The Evie Toombes Foundation, inspiring others to live their life to the fullest in the face of adversity.

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Topics: Women's Health, spina bifida, LUTS, Self-catheterisation

What freedom and dignity means when living with Spina Bifida

Posted by Sam Crow, October 29 2019

To be born with Spina Bifida is to be used to the obstacles the condition presents – nevertheless, you do get tired of them from time to time. We met Ida Rönnblad – sociable, positive and a passionate bird-watcher. Over a cup of coffee we discussed what freedom and dignity means to her.

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Topics: Women's Health, spina bifida, Urology, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms

Combining approaches to bladder and bowel dysfunction

Posted by Bev Collins, February 5 2019

The benefits of patient centred care cannot be overestimated. But engaging and recognising the stigma and embarrassment associated with bladder and bowel issues is essential – how can healthcare professional’s best serve their patients?

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Topics: Lifestyle, Bladder Management, Bowel Management, Neurogenic Bowel, spina bifida, Self-catheterisation

Wellspect Ambassador Evie Toombes – a WellChild award winner!

Posted by Seema Duggal, September 11 2018

Our inspiring fighter Evie Toombes has been acknowledged in the WellChild Awards. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex honored Evie's inspirational achievements!

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Topics: Lifestyle, Recovery, Bladder Management, spina bifida

Abigail Wadeson - My Journey Part 2

Posted by Abigail Wadeson, September 4 2018

Dare to do something extraordinary

Following a diagnosis of Spina Bifida at the age of 1, Abigail has experienced many changes and overcome a number of hurdles in her young life.  Despite her condition, Abigail leads an active life swimming at county level, dancing competitively, skiing regularly(and leaving her  Mum and Dad behind!), as well as doing brilliantly in school athletics.  She now faces a new and unique challenge as she plans to go on an Asian adventure to support a local community in Sri Lanka. 

 Last month we shared part one of Abigail’s story

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Topics: Lifestyle, Recovery, Bladder Management, spina bifida