Have catheters, will travel: Part one - Before you leave home

Posted by Serena Green, August 4 2020

Although this year has presented it's own challenges to travelling abroad, many catheter users have always found that travelling with a bladder condition can be a bit tricky. We're pleased to share the first in a series of blogs by passionate traveller and Wellspect ambassador, Serena Green, that will provide advice for every step of the trip.

Blog 1 - Cover

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Topics: Travelling with Catheters, Travel, Bladder Management, ISC

Less infections & more freedom, bladder management therapy that works

Posted by Alan Cook, July 29 2020

After a devastating jump into a swimming pool on his vacation trip in Greece, Michael Kerr injured his spine and came to understand that his paralysis came with consequences other than he could have imagined.

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Topics: wheelchair, Bladder Management, Spinal Cord Injury, ISC, UTI

A dive into a shallow pool changed his life

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, July 23 2020

The vacation trip to Greece took a sudden turn when Michael dived into a swimming pool and hit his head on the bottom. He was badly injured but found an unexpected way back into living life.

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Topics: Neurogenic Bladder, Bladder Management, SCi, Spinal Cord Injury

Proud to catheterise

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, June 26 2020

After being told in her 30s that she would need to catheterise for the rest of her life, Serena Green felt humiliated. Now she is proud to catheterise but her journey to acceptance in the years following involved friends, family and healthcare professionals.

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Topics: Catheterisation, Women's Health, Bladder Management, ISC, Self-catheterisation, Urology

How do I bring up my bladder problems with my GP?

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, April 30 2020

Urinary incontinence is often women’s little secret. Despite it being a common issue, it can feel difficult to discuss even with healthcare professionals. This article suggests the kind of information you can give to help your GP to understand the issue. 

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Topics: Women's Health, Bladder Management, ISC, Incontinence, LUTS, Self-catheterisation