User perspective of TAI: Lack of knowledge among healthcare professionals is causing needless suffering

Posted by Kent Revedal, September 22 2016

Our user panel TellUs gives us a lot of useful information. For example that 82% of the people with Spinal Cord Injury have problems with their bowel. But there is still a stigma attached. Only 29% of the panel members were asked about their bowel by a healthcare professional, while 68% wanted to be asked... Sometimes the knowledge is poor, and sometimes it's just hard to get over the embarrassment.

Our guest blogger Kent Revedal has a clear stand on this matter - this is his direct plea to the healthcare professionals out there!

Bowel regime

A few weeks ago a friend of mine contacted me and asked for advice. The person had some serious problems with the bowel and his regime. Our common denominator was that we both had suffered a Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) a few years back. Typically, someone with a SCI will experience bowel issues.

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A look into the future of catheterisation

Posted by Sacha Brech, April 22 2016

This time we will do some trend spotting, and what could be better than discussing the future with someone who made history, revolutionizing catheterization with the hydrophilic catheter – Jan Utas.

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