LoFric Elle wins 'Look Good, Feel Good' Award

Posted by Wellspect, May 28 2021

Proving that it truly is a revolution in your hands, LoFric Elle has added another award to its list of accolades following this year's ACA Conference.

LoFric Elle wins ACA Look Good Feel Good Award

The 'Look Good, Feel Good' Award is a joint initiative of Bladder and Bowel UK and the Association for Continence Advice (ACA). The award was presented at the 2021 ACA conference which took place virtually on 24th & 25th May.

The award is judged by continence specialists including members of the ACA Executive, patient representatives and allied health professionals, who are all encouraged to consider in the broadest terms how each product contributes to improving quality of life for people living with bladder and/or bowel problems.

The categories for judging are reliability, discretion and ease of use, quality of design, level of innovation and crucially, the ability to improve quality of life.

Davina Richardson, a specialist nurse with Bladder and Bowel UK and member of the Executive of the Association for Continence Advice, presented the award on behalf of both organisations. She summarised the judges’ reasons for giving the award to LoFric Elle:

The judges all commented on and loved the discretion of the style, colour and packaging. They felt that the innovative handle on the product would help more women undertake an intimate procedure. They were impressed that sustainability had been considered.

Gosia Kowalewska, UK Brand Manager at Wellspect, who accepted the award said:

We are extremely proud that LoFric Elle has just been announced the winner of 2021 Look Good, Feel Good Award.

Here at Wellspect, we believe that Intermittent Self Catheterisation (ISC) can be a life-changing therapy and indeed is a gold standard in treating many bladder dysfunctions.

Unfortunately, we are also aware, that women face a lot of barriers that often make it more difficult for them to benefit from ISC. With this in mind we have developed LoFric Elle – the first-ever intermittent catheter with a L-shaped handle. By putting a handle on LoFric catheter - our mission was to help more women take advantage of ISC.

We are proud our innovation has the potential to make it easy for healthcare professionals to teach ISC, easy for women to learn ISC, and ultimately easy for women to perform ISC on a daily basis.

We never compromised on design, as we combined both function and a feminine and discreet design in LoFric Elle to produce a product that would help all women perform ISC.

We are extremely happy that our efforts to make ISC an option for more women have been recognised today, and we look forward to hearing even more life-changing stories from women who successfully manage their bladder with ISC.

This is the second time that Wellspect has received the coveted award, with our innovative Transanal Irrigation System, Navina Smart, winning shortly after launching.

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