Chronic Constipation can ruin daily life

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, August 13 2019

Most people are uncomfortable talking openly about living with chronic constipation, and many try to hide the condition from friends and family. Those who do reveal the condition sometimes face questions from others  who don’t understand the difference between an occasional bout of constipation, which we all experience at some point, and chronic   constipation, which is a  serious conditions that rules sufferers’ daily lives.

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Is Constipation Really That Big of a Deal?

It is difficult to articulate just how disruptive, draining, and painful chronic constipation is and the truly negative impact it can have on life. Most people have a day or two of discomfort, inconvenience and then back to normal – that is no comparison to the hell of daily chronic constipation.

                        “It is truly draining – physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially.”

                         “It’s pretty much ruined my life”

Why Not Just Try to ignore it and Get on with your Life?

The impact of chronic constipation on sufferers’ daily life is often not understood by the others. It often leads to frustration, alienation or even depression. Many suffer in silence.

 “Basic activities such as grocery shopping or sitting at a desk are painful and challenging.”

“I cannot do cardio exercise because it immediately causes severe and dramatic bloating and distention that literally take days to resolve.”

 “The more severe the constipation, the more fatigued I become, barely able to get through the work day and often spending the weekend resting.”

Constipation – how common is it?

Although there is so much stigma surrounding constipation- constipation is NOT an uncommon condition. Up to 20% of the population suffer from constipation with higher prevalence in women and older people. Chronic constipation, usually defined as more than 6 months of symptoms, results in more than 0.5 million UK GP consultations per annum!  Patient dissatisfaction is high in this group; nearly 80% feel that their OTC (Over the Counter) solutions are unsatisfactory.

Treatments available

Many might misunderstand chronic constipation but, thankfully, researchers continue to study this condition and develop innovative treatment solutions. Transanal Irrigation is one proven effective treatment that helps prevent constipation.  

Transanal irrigation (TAI)

TAI means evacuation of stool by introducing warm water into the rectum. This is a safe and effective method to empty the bowel in a predictable and controlled way, to prevent constipation and faecal incontinence. Many patients perceive TAI as a life changing treatment.

It can take a while to find a solution that works, but life may change for the better. It is important to discuss your problems with your doctor or nurse even if it is embarrassing. There are solutions to manage your constipation and ways to live an independent life again.  

Read more about Transanal Irrigation, download your guide: ‘Introduction to TAI’

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