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Why did I leave it so long to start with Intermittent Self Catheterisation?

Posted by Wellspect, June 10 2021

"It was the angle, not the height”, says Arne, describing how he fell from a tree. As an active young man of 22, a game of football in the park with his friends had seen the ball get lodged in a branch, and Arne climbing to retrieve it. The resulting fall left Arne with a spinal cord injury, unable to walk or control his bladder.

That was 1990, and since then, Arne has travelled the world with work and had a fulfilling career. He enjoys spending time with his kids and has never stopped being active. But he only started with Intermittent Catheterisation (ISC) in 2013. Why the delay?

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A journey from hell

Posted by Wellspect, May 30 2021

"I would feel anxiety in my stomach beforehand, and then I knew it was urgent. In the days leading up to these cramping symptoms, I could go to the bathroom up to ten times a day, yet all that came out were pea-sized amounts. I felt like I constantly needed to go to the bathroom."

The image is an illustration. 

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A revolution in your hands: what do nurses think about LoFric Elle?

Posted by Wellspect, May 13 2021

Before its official launch, we asked a group of nurses for their opinion on LoFric Elle and its new revolutionary L-shaped handle.

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A catheter that suits my active lifestyle

Posted by Wellspect, March 30 2021

Whether she’s travelling, tackling a muddy assault course or working out at the gym, Serena needs a catheter that works for her busy, active lifestyle.

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... but in my dreams I dance

Posted by Wellspect, March 18 2021

This is part two of the captivating story of Paralympic athlete Anne Wafula Strike MBE, who had a rough start in life, but never gave up. As Wellspect's guest blogger, she continues to share the fantastic story of her life and career. Enjoy the article and the video!

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