What does a Wellspect Nurse do?

Posted by Joanne Townsend, October 24 2019

Wellspect's highly experienced Nurses offer care to hundreds of people every year. Now in their own words, the nursing team share more detail about what they do and why they are always committed to making the best choice for their patients.

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As Wellspect Nurses our role is to provide specialist bladder and bowel care for patients, and their families/carers, and also to provide expertise for health care professionals. Whether you see us in a hospital environment, or in a clinical setting, our contract is to enhance NHS care by sharing our knowledge and input. We assess, make provisional diagnosis, offer a range of appropriate treatments and also provide ongoing care with regular follow-ups. We are Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registered nurses and work within all published guidelines, and in line with local NHS policies for each area. We are experts in our field and support NHS services by sharing our knowledge and time – completely free of charge to the NHS. That’s right – Wellspect share our clinical excellence to improve NHS service provision and patient care.

As Wellspect nurses we are highly trained to offer advice and treatment using a whole range of products. Our treatments are tailored towards the patient’s needs, and we are employed by Wellspect to make patients aware of a range of options and products. As clinicians we realise that one product cannot suit everybody and that care must be tailored for individual needs.

As Wellspect nurses we ensure that any patient requiring intermittent catheterisation, or transanal irrigation is fully informed of the range of treatments available.

We are supported by the excellent Select Customer Care Team who enhance our care by providing a free helpline, and an excellent home delivery service for any products, completely free of charge.

The Wellspect nursing team is led by Bev Collins, and provides clinical care all over the UK. When we are not working in clinics, we offer home visits, delivering care where it is needed. In addition to these commitments we also provide free training for any health care professional, carer or personal assistant. We support many MS and Spinal Injury Centres and other organisations that support people who may have continence issues.

Working outside of the NHS allows us to provide the care a patient needs at a time and a place that suits them. We are able to be flexible and spend as much time as they need. We are Wellspect Nurses and we are proud to make the difference!

Bev, Joanne, Jo, and Sallyanne

The Wellspect Nursing Team

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