How TAI gave one family their life back – part 2

Posted by Alan Cook, October 19 2020

Having organised their whole lives around her enema schedule, Alice and her family discovered the benefits of Transanal Irrigation  TAI. Would Alice finally be able to go to the toilet without pain?

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How TAI gave one family their life back – part 1

Posted by Alan Cook, October 13 2020

A family might take for granted the typical activities they might enjoy – swimming, nature and play. For one family, none of this would have been possible had they not discovered Transanal Irrigation – TAI.

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Is colonic irrigation the same as TAI (Transanal Irrigation)?

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, September 7 2020

The short answer? No, not at all.
Colonic irrigation is a “therapy” with little scientific evidence of any health benefits. On the other hand, TAI or transanal irrigation can be a game-changer for people looking to manage their bowel disorders and enjoy a normal life.

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A life without constipation

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, September 2 2020

Marija, 58, had been chronically constipated for years. Find out how she is now living a life without constipation.

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Connie and the Good Life

Posted by Helen Ledger, July 1 2020

There are solutions for almost anything, but rarely does a single solution work for everyone. We're all different with different requirements and needs, so sometimes it's necessary to search a little further for a solution that's exactly right for the individual. 

Connie is among those who developed major intestinal problems following a tumor operation on her back, but in the end found the method that brought the Good Life back to her. 66 years old, married and living with her family in a small Danish community, Connie's life has always been filled with physical activity and a fulfilling social life. She has a large circle of acquaintances and often invites family and friends to dinners.

All of these activities were put on hold in the autumn of 2015, when Connie was diagnosed with a benign tumor in her back that put pressure on the nerve paths and tissue. She underwent an operation to remove it.

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