My Amazing Rehabilitation Through Neurokenix - Part 2

Posted by Sallyanne, December 4 2018

Last week Sallyanne shared her story on how she re-gained her strength after her spinal cord injury. This week she shares how Neurokenix has helped her condition her body.

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My Amazing Rehabilitation Through Neurokenix - Part 1

Posted by Sallyanne, November 27 2018

My name is Sallyanne and I sustained a spinal cord injury after breaking my back when my horse fell on top of me at a cross country event in October 2015

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Brand Ambassador Spotlight - Jesse Billauer

Posted by Alan Cook, November 20 2018

In March 1996, Jesse Billauer was one of the top 100 junior surfers in the world and only weeks away from turning professional when an accident changed his life forever. But he didn't let a twist of fate get in the way of his love for surfing.

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Exchanging the wheelchair for a Porsche

Posted by Sacha Brech, March 15 2017

There are 10 000 people with a racing license in the UK. 200 of them are women, and one of them has a spinal cord injury. Her name is Nathalie McGloin and today she is at the ACCT symposium in Sweden to share her inspiring story.  For you who will miss it – here is a teaser!


“When you’re on a race track with able-bodied drivers, you’re no longer a wheelchair user – you’re another competitor. It’s the freedom you strive for after a spinal cord injury," Nathalie says. "You want to be viewed as a person, not a disabled person.”

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Kissinger's Story Part Two

Posted by Kissinger Deng, January 3 2017

In part two of his series, Kissinger Deng, a Paralympian living in Norway, talks about how the challenges and uncertainties he faced after sustaining a spinal chord injury have emboldened his outlook and shaped his attitude.

The white sands of Norway

We arrived on the 15th December at Gardermoen, Norway. We didn’t have winter clothing, and we were convinced that the snow outside was white sand. It was freezing cold - had I made the right choice? Was this going to be a good opportunity for us? We were brought to a reception center in Brøttum. And on the flight to Norway I developed a new pressure ulcer, which I had to treat myself. After 3 months with this ulcer I got admitted to Lillehammer hospital. I was there for about 4-5 months. Coming from Africa, they were afraid that I might carry infectious diseases, so they cleared a whole floor for me at the hospital. Every nurse and doctor who came to look after me was dressed in yellow plastic and had masks covering up their faces. My family stayed in Brøttum and had to get used to this new country by themselves. 

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