Emily's Story

Posted by Sam Crow, June 12 2019

During a Continence Awareness Day at Pinderfields Hospital, we had the pleasure of meeting Emily whose life was changed in an instant by an extremely rare condition. This is her story.

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Living With Faecal Incontinence

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, May 21 2019

For many people, living with a bowel disorder involves a seemingly endless search for answers. Parts of life may be lost, as adjustments are made in response to symptoms. It takes time and courage to keep sorting out and searching for ways to best manage the condition.

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Topics: Transanal Irrigation, TAI, Bowel Management

Constipation Was An Issue Long Before My Diagnosis

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, May 15 2019

“Constipation was an issue long before my diagnosis. I went to many different doctors who told me to take more fibre – it never seemed to work.” Brian, 58

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Topics: Transanal Irrigation, TAI, Bowel Management, parkinsons

I Was 26 And Diagnosed With MS

Posted by Seema Duggal, March 19 2019

It was an ordinary morning, except for the fact that Lee woke up with a strange tingling feeling and numbness in his hand. As the day went by the numbness travelled up his arm, all the way up to his shoulder.

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Topics: Transanal Irrigation, TAI, MS, Bowel Management

Continence and Incontinence

Posted by Bev Collins, March 12 2019

The words continence and incontinence might cause some confusion. They are often used to explain the same thing, but they are actually each other's opposites.

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Topics: Bladder Management, Incontinence, Continence, MS, Bowel Management, parkinsons