A dive into a shallow pool changed his life

Posted by Gosia Kowalewska, July 23 2020

The vacation trip to Greece took a sudden turn when Michael dived into a swimming pool and hit his head on the bottom. He was badly injured but found an unexpected way back into living life.

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To the top of Mount Meru, Tanzania by wheelchair

Posted by Sam Crow, July 22 2020

We recently shared a blog about Ina Åkerberg and her adventure in reaching the summit of Mount Meru. In this blog, we hear from Lisa Schmidt and Daniel Lebuser, wheelchair users who accompanied Ina on her summit. This time Daniel writes about their incredible journey from a different perspective.

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The first person to scale Mount Meru in a wheelchair

Posted by Alan Cook, July 15 2020

Earlier this year, LoFric user Ina Åkerberg set off to climb Africa's fourth highest mountain, Mount Meru, with the aid of wheelchair and crutches. Ina has since completed the trek and returned. Here she shares her story of this remarkable  adventure.

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Learning how to live again - life after rehabilitation

Posted by Sam Crow, November 11 2019

Sustaining a spinal cord injury could be catastrophic, yet Montserrat Clotet's lust for life and positivity are obvious upon meeting her. In this short documentary, Montse gives us an insight into how she gets the most out of each day.

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