I was supposed to be happy after my cancer was gone, but life was hell

Posted by Wellspect, February 18 2022

I was only in my mid-30s, a mother of small children and in a full-time career when I discovered blood in my stool. I simply did not have the time to worry. After a while, I started to feel painI went to the doctor. In just a few weeks, I had been diagnosed with cancer and had undergone surgery. 

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Topics: Low Anterior Resection Syndrome (LARS), Transanal Irrigation

How I got in control after my cancer diagnosis

Posted by Wellspect, February 2 2022

After suffering from rectal cancer, I first had a stoma. When the stoma was removed and the bowel was reconnected, my bowel emptying did not work The radiation had damaged the nerves to the sphincter, so I became incontinent. From then on, I suffered from bowel leakage. 

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Topics: Bowel management, Low Anterior Resection Syndrome (LARS)