Support For Young People With MS

Posted by Bev Collins, March 26 2019

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Every week approximately 100 are diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in the UK. An increasing number of those are young adults for who it can be a huge challenge.

Young people with MS

The MS Trust have recently conducted research which shows that 70% of those diagnosed, experience symptoms before the age of 20. These symptoms include fatigue and intense pain. The survey also showed that 75% feel ‘confused and scared’ about the information they found about the condition saying that it is usually ‘geared towards older people’ and that there is very little help or support for the younger generation.

Many felt that if they knew of other young people going through the same, it would have really helped and made them feel less lonely.

To support young people, the MS Trust have launched a new YouTube channel called MSTV which features a range of different videos about MS. The videos have been created to ease some of the challenges that young people face, as well as help those around them.

For more information on MS please call 0800 032 3839 or visit

Visit MSTV & subscribe to their channel

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