Efficacy of TAI with Navina Smart

June 29 2021

Emmanuel et al, PLoS One 2021. The use of transanal irrigation (TAI) with Navina™ Smart, is an effective and well tolerated treatment for bowel dysfunction.

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Topics: TAI, Transanal Irrigation, Spinal Cord Injury

Does Transanal irrigation effect gut microbiota?

April 29 2021

Transanal irrigation's influence on gut microbiota could positively affect the immune system and contribute to reduced UTIs.

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Topics: Transanal irrigation (TAI), Spina Bifida, Transanal Irrigation

Promoting adherence with Transanal Irrigation – an electronic solution

December 14 2020

TAI is a proven therapy for managing bowel dysfunction helping thousands to find an effective relief from their bowel dysfunction symptoms. It even promotes better bladder health. But adherence to the therapy in the initial training stage can often be challenging, as the results are not immediate. It happens that some impatient users come back to less effective, but familiar strategies for managing their bowels. How to help them adhere to proven effective TAI therapy, that can truly give life changing positive results? In this case study, we look at the story of one user, who managed to overcome initial obstacles.

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Topics: Navina Smart Data, Navina Smart, TAI, Transanal Irrigation

Functional constipation affects the QoL of children

October 16 2020

This review underscores the negative impact of constipation on children’s well-being and identifies factors associated with lower health-related quality of life in children.

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Topics: TAI, Transanal Irrigation, Children

Science Alert: Bladder and bowel symptoms: Need for actions

July 3 2018

The impact on individuals’ quality of life of maintaining or restoring bladder and bowel continence cannot be underestimated. It is a top user priority but this is unfortunately not always reflected in healthcare and research initiatives.

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Topics: Science Alert, LUTS, TAI, Transanal Irrigation, Incontinence, Urology, Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms, Continence, Scientific Papers, Clinical Studies