Hospitalisations drop by 20% after individuals start with Intermittent Self Catheterisation

July 20 2021

Studies on intermittent self catheterisation (ISC) with larger sample sizes are rare. The study presented below provides real-world evidence on ISC use, which may be used to form recommendations for improvement of care. This is one of the first publications that presents results of a 3-year observation period (including the time before and after initiating ISC).

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Topics: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), ISC, Self-catheterisation

Wellspect teams up with ISCoS for annual partnership

July 7 2021

The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS) promotes the highest standard of care for men, women and children throughout the world who have suffered a spinal cord injury (SCI). Wellspect is proud to announce their partnership with ISCoS and look forward to collaborating on our shared vision, to make a real difference and to foster education, research and clinical excellence.

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Efficacy of TAI with Navina Smart

June 29 2021

Emmanuel et al, PLoS One 2021. The use of transanal irrigation (TAI) with Navina™ Smart, is an effective and well tolerated treatment for bowel dysfunction.

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Topics: TAI, Transanal Irrigation, Spinal Cord Injury

The post-void residual (PVR) urine test is vital for those with MS

June 3 2021

Storage and voiding symptoms often coexist, affecting up to 59% of individuals with MS. These clinical manifestations impact quality of life and are often associated with depressive symptoms, loss of work productivity, poor sleep quality and, in general, a deterioration in overall health. Problems related to micturition impede many people with MS from fully participating with family, friends and the community

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Topics: Neurogenic bladder, Bladder dysfunction, Multiple Sclerosis

Does Transanal irrigation effect gut microbiota?

April 29 2021

Transanal irrigation's influence on gut microbiota could positively affect the immune system and contribute to reduced UTIs.

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Topics: Transanal irrigation (TAI), Spina Bifida, Transanal Irrigation