Feeling free again

Posted by Sam Crow, September 2 2020

Noah, 49, is recovering from rectal cancer but suffered from faecal incontinence following surgery. Find out how he reclaimed his freedom and broke away from a life that revolved around quick access to a toilet.

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Topics: Incontinence, Bowel Management

Have catheters, will travel: Part four - Taking your bladder on holiday

Posted by Serena Green, August 28 2020

Roll out your towel on the sun lounger! You’ve cracked the planning and packing, you’ve jumped the airport hurdles and you’ve nailed the plane toilet turbulence! It’s finally time for you and your bladder to enjoy the holiday you deserve!

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Topics: Travelling with Catheters, Travel, Bladder Management, ISC

Back from Mount Meru - supporting Haydom Friends in Tanzania

Posted by Sam Crow, August 25 2020

Reaching the summit of Mount Meru has been a momentous achievement for our wheelchair users, and it's all for a good cause - the Haydom Friends project in Tanzania, supporting children with Spina Bifida.

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Topics: wheelchair, Spinal Cord Injury, spina bifida

Have catheters, will travel: Part three - Up, up and away

Posted by Serena Green, August 20 2020

It’s here! The time has come to leave your home and head out, like Christopher Columbus to the Americas, Bear Grylls to the wilderness or, at the very least, Judith Chalmers to Benidorm.

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Topics: Travelling with Catheters, Travel, Bladder Management, ISC

A quick guide to different types of catheters

Posted by Helen Ledger, August 13 2020

Unless you need to start using a catheter, it is unlikely that you would know much about it. And we know that at first it seems scary, difficult and intimidating, but as soon as you learn the technique, it will become a habit like any other daily routine.

Start here to sort out the basic concepts and terms! If you want to learn more, we can point you in the right direction.

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Topics: Catheterisation, ISC, Self-catheterisation