The world's first ecolabelled catheter has arrived

Posted by Wellspect, May 13 2022

LoFric®, the first hydrophilic intermittent catheter for self-catheterisation created a market buzz upon its launch in 1983. It is now also the first catheter to be attributed the Nordic Swan eco-labelling.

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Topics: Sustainability, Catheterisation

Becoming climate neutral by 2045

Posted by Wellspect HealthCare, April 27 2022

Today marks an important company milestone with the launch of the 2021 sustainability report. We met up with our Group Vice President, Svenn Poulsen, to hear his thoughts on our progress towards becoming both climate neutral by 2045, and the recognised sustainability leader in our industry. 

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Topics: #Now&ForTheFuture, Sustainability, #ARealDifference

New unified EU regulation ensures patient safety

Posted by Wellspect, January 11 2022

Wellspect is in the process of converting its product documentation - the Technical files - to meet the new EU Regulation for Medical Devices. This regulation replaces the earlier directive, leaving no room for ambiguous interpretation.

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Topics: #Now&ForTheFuture, Sustainability

Sustaining quality of life for our users

Posted by Wellspect, December 21 2021

Wellspect products are manufactured to the highest standards, and users and healthcare professionals are involved with the development of these products from the beginning. Feedback, clinical studies and consultation are crucial in creating these essential products for our users, and for an enduring quality of life.

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Topics: #Now&ForTheFuture, Sustainability

Carbon Neutral: Select plants more than 200 trees

Posted by Wellspect, September 3 2021

Our home delivery service, Select, has once again been designated a carbon neutral organisation following the planting of more the 200 trees in the UK and other offsetting activities overseas.

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Topics: Sustainability