Carbon Neutral: Select plants more than 200 trees

Posted by Wellspect, September 3 2021

Our home delivery service, Select, has once again been designated a carbon neutral organisation following the planting of more the 200 trees in the UK and other offsetting activities overseas.

Carbon Neutral Plus logo against a forest landscape

Wellspect’s commitment to a sustainable future touches every level of the business from the manufacture of our products at a global level to the local delivery of other services that we offer. One area that has a long-standing history of working sustainably is Select, our home delivery service in the United Kingdom.

Over the last four years, Select has undertaken a rigorous annual assessment of all service-related emissions. This assessment aims to identify areas for reducing future emissions and to calculate and then offset any emissions for the year.

We are pleased to confirm that following the assessment of our 2020 emissions, Select has once again gained the status of Carbon Neutral Plus, contributing to carbon offsetting programmes above our emissions level. The programmes saw 216 trees planted in the UK while also contributing to projects that help to reduce deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

Marianne Engesgaard, Commercial Director for Wellspect UK, commented on the continued drive to meet sustainability goals in the business:

“We are delighted to have, once again, gained Carbon Neutral status for Select. We know that the service makes a real difference in people's lives, but it’s equally important that we also make a difference for the environment that we all share.

“The continual reduction and offsetting of emissions from Select is a small but vital part of Wellspect’s aspiration of leading the way within our industry as we push towards true sustainability.”

If you would like to learn more about Wellspect’s global commitment to sustainability you can read our 2020 Sustainability report:

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