Carbon Neutral: Select plants more than 200 trees

Posted by Wellspect, September 3 2021

Our home delivery service, Select, has once again been designated a carbon neutral organisation following the planting of more the 200 trees in the UK and other offsetting activities overseas.

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Topics: Sustainability

Bowel Management, Freedom and Dignity - A Patient's Story

Posted by Wellspect, September 2 2021

As part of our annual partnership with The International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS), we were invited to speak in the latest episode of their podcast "SCI Care: What Really Matters". Bev Collins, Clinical Lead Nurse for Wellspect UK and Sallyanne Haigh join ISCoS president Prof Ruth Marshall to discuss 'a patient's story'.

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Topics: International Spinal Cord Society (ISCoS), Bowel dysfunction, Spinal Cord Injury

Meet André: Making a real difference for more than a decade

Posted by André Soma, July 28 2021

As we continue to speak to the people who make a real difference within Wellspect, we caught up with André Soma, who leads the Select Home Delivery customer care team.

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Wellspect Education – a new resource for health care professionals

Posted by Wellspect HealthCare, July 12 2021

Wellspect Education is aimed at all healthcare professionals who want to develop, broaden or deepen their knowledge around bladder or bowel management. We spoke with two specialists who have had the opportunity to review our new resource for clinicians in the field of continence care. 

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Topics: Science Article, Nursing

How we work to minimize our environmental footprint

Posted by Wellspect HealthCare, June 25 2021

We know that the production, transportation, and disposal of our products has an environmental impact and generates a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions, which contribute to climate change. By working actively to reduce our climate impact, while also making sure we adapt to the existing medical guidelines, we are prepared to take on the challenge of developing a future climate-neutral product.

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Topics: Sustainable, #Now&ForTheFuture