Learning how to live again - life after rehabilitation

Posted by Sam Crow, November 11 2019

Sustaining a spinal cord injury could be catastrophic, yet Montserrat Clotet's lust for life and positivity are obvious upon meeting her. In this short documentary, Montse gives us an insight into how she gets the most out of each day.


Montse BP1 2019

"Each thing, each day, is a new achievement"

The slow road to recovery in rehabilitation forced Montse to mourn her old life and re-evaluate a new way of living. And life is most certainly for living - a fully independent person who has continued her career and delights in her favorite past time - sailing!

It brings me serenity, tranquility, calm, peacefulness . . . There's nothing more relaxing than being on the waves

What qualities and strategies does Montse utilitise to enable her independence, ambition and joy for life? Watch the film to find out!


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