Taking Fundraising To New Heights for ERIC

Posted by Seema Duggal, November 8 2018

In July, Wellspect HealthCare teamed up with children’s bladder and bowel charity ERIC, to give two members of our team the opportunity of a lifetime to complete a skydive and raise much needed funds for this valuable charity.


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In the UK an estimated 900,000, or 1 in 12, 5-19 year olds suffer from bowel and bladder conditions such as bedwetting, daytime wetting, constipation and soiling*.

ERIC is the only charity dedicated to the bowel and bladder health of all children and teenagers in the UK. Whether it’s a toilet-training issue, bedwetting, daytime wetting or soiling problem, ERIC provides expert support, information and understanding to children and young people. The charity enables families and professionals to help establish good bowel and bladder health for life.

There was a large amount of interest in taking on the dive and it was decided that the fairest way of selection was to draw the names out of a hat. Electra, who works as a Customer Care Advisor in the Select Customer Care Team, and Adel, who is a Territory Sales Manager, were the lucky two chosen to take part and approached the experience with excitement and surprisingly few nerves.  Here is Electra’s account:


“I wanted to take part because I really wanted to support a very good cause. I have a friend with a bowel problem, and she did not have the kind of support ERIC provide when she was diagnosed and it was very difficult for her and her family to come to terms with it.  I am so grateful that there are charities like ERIC now that support people like my friend.  Therefore I was ecstatic to discover that I had been 

Before the event I was surprisingly calm about the whole thing and very excited.

I have a fear of flying so thought I would be terrified, but in fact all I felt was excitement. I had a big grin on my face before we had even got in the plane! The weather conditions were perfectly clear and we were in some beautiful countryside.selected to take on this challenge.

We had a talk and a training session and then we were good to go! It was very cosy in the plane as we all had to squish together with our instructor so that they could make sure we were securely ‘attached’ to them. Once we were two miles up, the door opened and out we jumped! The rush you feel freefalling at 125mph before the parachute opens is magical - there’s no experience like it! And then, once the parachute opens, it is so peaceful and beautiful. The sights were breath-taking and we could see for miles, including Stonehenge and the Isle of Wight! Put simply, I loved every minute of it!


This was a truly amazing experience and I felt so proud that I completed this skydive knowing that all of the money raised will be going towards helping the lives of young people.

I felt so proud to be doing the skydive for charity as the money raised will be helping the lives of young people.”

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