Being Me Again

Posted by Serena Green, August 28 2019

As a fit woman in her late 30s I felt embarrassed and humiliated when I was told I had to start self catheterising. Had I not been fortunate enough to meet an insightful Bladder Care Nurse who suggested I use LoFric Sense catheters, I think there is a strong likelihood that I may have resisted medical advice, stopped self catheterising and irreparably damaged my kidneys.


My Bladder Care Nurse recognised I needed to use a product that was straightforward; easy to get to grips with, safe to use anywhere that my busy lifestyle took me and that didn’t look out of place in my handbag.

So, 6 years later, I’ve researched and tried other products on the market, but cannot find any better catheter. The safety and simplicity of LoFric catheters is terrific. I have never experienced any insertion issues, which I absolutely put down to the Urotonic Surface Technology on each catheter. I can’t remember the last time I had a UTI, which again is testament to this product - the moist surface of each catheter and the easy to use packaging has helped me stay infection and antibiotic free.

I’m also very appreciative of the packaging of LoFric catheters. I don’t want to carry ugly and invasive looking products in my handbag, suitcase or gym bag; I want a discreet, slimline and self contained product that makes me proud to be a very successful user of ISC.

In today’s world cost matters, but finding a premium product that delivers against its design to support physical health and mental well-being is surely worth the investment.

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