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TAI for Children - Trying Transanal Irrigation for the first time

Posted by Bev Collins, April 30 2019

This afternoon I had the huge privilege of meeting Emily aged 'four and a lot' (nearly five). Emily has cerebral palsy and was diagnosed aged two. What a delight! I feel so humbled but also honoured that I was involved in their lives today. This is why I love my job so much.

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Topics: Catheterisation, Transanal Irrigation, Children, TAI, Self-catheterisation

Support For Young People With MS

Posted by Bev Collins, March 26 2019

Every week approximately 100 are diagnosed with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) in the UK. An increasing number of those are young adults for who it can be a huge challenge.

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Topics: Lifestyle, Bladder Management, MS

Continence and Incontinence

Posted by Bev Collins, March 12 2019

The words continence and incontinence might cause some confusion. They are often used to explain the same thing, but they are actually each other's opposites.

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Topics: Bladder Management, Incontinence, Continence, MS, Bowel Management, parkinsons

Getting SMART

Posted by Bev Collins, March 5 2019

Struggling with MS bowel dysfunction, Select user, Helen, found that her life and decisions had become dominated by her bowel. Now she has taken back control by performing Transanal Irrigation (TAI) with the Navina Smart System.

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Topics: Transanal Irrigation, TAI, MS, Bowel Management

MS: How I Found The Solution To My Bladder Problems

Posted by Bev Collins, February 26 2019

MS related bladder problems hindered Jane in doing the things she loved, but she found her solution and was able to take the journey of a life time!

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Topics: Women's Health, MS, LUTS, Self-catheterisation