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Alan Cook - wheelchair user with Spinal Cord Injury and hand cyclist
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Five Reasons To Try TAI In Children With Bowel Dysfunction

Posted by Alan Cook, October 23 2018

When a child suffers from bowel problems, it often affects the whole family. Many struggle for far too long with dietary and stool changing medication, without satisfactory results. But there are other solutions!

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Topics: TAI, Transanal Irrigation, Children, Lifestyle, Paediatrics

Community leader Daniel Jenkins and the benefits of an all-in-one kit

Posted by Alan Cook, March 15 2018

Daniel Jenkins needs to be out in his town every day. As a pastor, he supports his community and often makes home visits. Paralysed after an operation 12 years ago, Daniel lost sensation in his lower abdomen, including bladder control. In this post, he explains how an all-in-one catheter kit gives him peace of mind and allows him to fulfil his obligations.

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Do only older men suffer from an Enlarged Prostate?

Posted by Alan Cook, September 12 2017

"I thought prostate problems affected the oldies, not people like me, in their 40's. But when the weak flow, urgency and nightly visits to the toilet began, I began to wonder…" This is David's story.

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Topics: Enlarged Prostate, LUTS, Lifestyle, CIC, Urinary Tract Infection, BPH, Clean Intermittent Catheterisation, Benign Prostate Hyperplasia

Family life after a Spinal Cord Injury

Posted by Alan Cook, September 30 2016

Mikael was on his way to Spain to start a career as a professional basketball player when he met Sarah. Normally he was quite shy, but there was something special about Sarah that made him leave his comfort zone and not only ask her out on a date, but to come to Spain with him.

And here they are a few years later, living a family life back in Sweden. One thing’s for sure—there’s another level of challenges with small kids, when dad is in a wheelchair.

Unexpected paralysis 

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