My Amazing Rehabilitation Through Neurokenix - Part 1

Posted by Sallyanne, November 27 2018

My name is Sallyanne and I sustained a spinal cord injury after breaking my back when my horse fell on top of me at a cross country event in October 2015


I spent 6 months in hospital and once home, set about adapting to my new life being paralysed from the waist down, having to cope with bladder and bowel complications and living my life in a wheelchair were just a couple of things I had to get used to.

I have achieved lots of positive things in the last 12 months, one is landing a job with Select Home Delivery and Wellspect Healthcare as one of their nurse advisors, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I love speaking to others regarding their bladder and bowel management and helping them achieve independence by choosing the right products to match their healthcare needs.

I thought it would be helpful to let you know how I keep myself fit and introduce you to the Neurokenix concept. I am working towards competing again in para dressage and have been assessed into a class 2 para classification for dressage. I have been attending Bristol Riding for disabled Adults (RDA) and have my horse to ride called Flynn, who is owned by Beth Hobbs. Riding now is completely different and so much harder than before, so I made a huge decision to get fit and strengthen my core to improve my balance in the saddle, all so that I can start to ride and compete again.

Neurokenix vision is to make high quality rehabilitation and wellbeing programs more accessible and inclusive for those living with various forms of paralysis. They make it their responsibility to stay up to date with the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, by delivering specialist neurological rehabilitation in such a safe, positive and supportive environment can have a profound impact on the quality of life for someone living with paralysis. Neurokenix provide forms of rehabilitation to conditions such as spinal cord injury, stroke, transverse myelitis and multiple sclerosis.

Next time on the Wellspect blog – Read more about Sallyanne’s rehabilitation and how Neurokenix has helped her regain her strength.

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